Baptismal Services

Traditionally marking the start of life in the church, a baptism is also a great opportunity for dressing up and celebrating.

Infant baptisms are a speciality at St Nicholas. 

The formal bits might seem a little daunting, but we'll help you plan and prepare for a stress-free morning. We don't expect you to be aware of how a church 'works' in a typical Service. We make the event relaxed and comfortable, and we make sure everyone gets to see what is happening at every stage.

We love to welcome children into our 'family' and this invitation is not just for the young. Adults can be baptised as well, and this often happens when a person suddenly finds that Jesus is important in their life, and they want to mark it in some way.

Confirmation is simply a formal ceremony of admittance into the Anglican Community. It doesn't bestow special powers unfortunately, but it's a useful signpost nonetheless. We'll help you prepare for this commitment, and for the Service.